With an increasing number of retailers offering discount codes, there is no better time to consider why they are being offered and what they mean to consumers. Are we really getting a better deal?

It’s hard to track down the origins of online promotional codes but one thing is very clear: they have never been as popular as they are today.

Numerous stores offering these discounts and it seems that many consumers automatically search for a code before finalising any online purchase. It has been noticeable, however, that some retailers refuse to offer codes blinkist free trial.

You might wonder all of this came about and what it means from a consumer perspective.

The answer rely lies in the way in which the internet works. It’s actually comparably cheap to set up an online business.

Unlike with a traditional store, you don’t need to maintain premises and have a large sales team. These low overheads have encouraged many people to start business online. This effect has created a large amount of competition.

Faced with such competition and wondering how to stick out from the crowd, retailers decided to start offering discount codes.

These were essentially seen as a way of tempting shoppers to use their store. The theory was that once someone shopped with them online, they’d keep on returning.

Of course, once this marketing tactic was seen as being successful for one store, it was soon copied by others. The result has been a surge in codes being offered online.

There are a number of listings sites giving details of free promotional codes. Use them to make savings online but do be aware that discount codes change regularly.